Our Philosophy of Care

Healing Minds stands tall as a trusted name to rely on for compassionate psychiatric treatment and care for people of all ages.
Psychiatric treatment at healing minds alleviates the symptoms of mental illness and other behavioral disorder while promoting wellness, healing and recovery. The philosophy behind our care is simple and is all about alleviating, preventing and treating mental illness while respecting the dignity of our valued patients and their families.
Healing Minds is basically a crisis care psychiatric hospital for adults, adolescents and children suffering from behavioral disorder and mental illness. Our eminent psychiatrist therefore offers assessment, individual therapy, group counseling, and other customized programming options to take care of each patient’s individual need.
Our state of the art psychiatric care for addressing problems with behavioral health, mental illness and substance use are based on solid scientific treatments. Yes; our licensed, certified and experienced clinicians, their industry knowledge, expertise, and our high quality service has made us the leading name in psychotherapy and medication management for behavioral healthcare needs.
Here experienced psychiatrist and clinicians bring a whole new comprehensive approach to psychiatric treatment altogether.

Psychiatric care at our specialized mental health clinics include:
Behavioral Medicine – Here we address stress and behavioral approaches to the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of stress-related mental disorders.
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program – At our full-service psychotherapy clinic, we use cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness interventions and dialectical therapy for treating mental conditions such as –
Mood disorders ( bipolar disorder, depression)

Anxiety disorders (social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias)

Personality disorders (borderline personality disorder)

Substance Abuse Consultation and treatment – Our clinical service includes comprehensive evaluations,counselling, medication management and other types of therapy for preventing and treating substance abuse
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