Depression is a kind of mood disorder causing a relentless feeling of sadness and loss of interest to any work. The stressful life events, the loss of desired thing, the loss of loved one, etc. are the main cause of depression. The stressful life and different kinds of frustrations are the cause of chemical imbalance in the brain. The specialized treatment for mental illness of this kind is essential which we, healing minds, provide by the specialized psychiatrists.
In the disease, the persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest is found that characterizes major depression, and this leads to a range of emotional and physical condition. The concentration cannot be centered to a task, and the sleeping sickness is also observed. Changes in appetite, minifying of energy level and thoughts of suicide are also observed.
For the treatment of the disease, a professional medical supervision is essential and a proper medical diagnosis is essential. Medium term severity takes at least a month to get resolved. The most effective mainstay of treatment is counseling therapy with a trained psychiatrist or psychologist. The medication is also essential for reducing the chemical imbalance.
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